Friday, July 31, 2009

Special Event - Life Drawing

Here are the photos of the Life Drawing Session. Most of the students claim they never drew human figure before. But look how the photos turned out - good!
Sherri Maxwell begins the class with an introduction to Life Drawing.
A demonstration of structural drawing.
Drawing were done in 1mins, 2mins, 15mins and 25mins time frame.

Because of the overwhelming response, we're scheduling our next Life Drawing class to be end of August. If you're interested, email us.


Monday, July 27, 2009

RAW Marketplace!!!

August 22nd (Sat) 1pm-10pm
Summer Arts & Craft Fair

We are introducing RAW Marketplace where local artisans can get together and sell their creations at our first: Summer Arts & Crafts Fair. Bringing to everyone quality handmade goods from various artists and designers. Products include jewelry, bags, new & vintage clothing, natural body products, art, photography, paper goods and more.

FREE of Entry. Free sample 'Artist trading card' making provided. Homemade goods and drinks available for purchase.

VENDORS include:
Among Strangers - fashion designer
Anastasia - graphics art
AngeeW - bags and accessories
Aroma Quotient - natural & organic body products
Bez & Oho - H.A.N.D. made bags, wallets, totes
Bejewelled Bespoke Designs - handcraft jewelry
La Reina Venus - handmade accessories
Latit - funky badges, bags, tees, & sketch pads
Lotia summer - handmade accessories
Mobart Gallery - featuring Emily Eldridge collection of T-shirt, notebook, & cards
Oh Smile - paper goods
Princess of Melody - handmade clothing/accessories
Princess Tree - eco-logical fashion accessories
SomethingRenewal - vintage items
Tiana Tay jewelry - jewelry and bags
Ting Designs - jewelry, paper arts, and clothing
TLT Vintage - handmade vintage clothing
Two Girls Love You - chic tote bags

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life Drawing Session

An introduction to creating drawings based on in-class observations of a live (nude) model. In the class you will start with a series of gesture drawings to get warmed up and see the entire figure (getting the feel of the body through simple line) and then a series of 25 minute drawings where the teacher will help you according to your needs in different techniques in how to render the human figure through a variety of materials ranging from charcoal to graphite. The student will aim to develop a sensitivity to the structure, anatomy and expressive qualities of the human form in a variety of ways including; line, plane, value, mass and shape.

Limited seating. $450 per person includes finger food and drinks/wine.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Playful Tree - Table Top Planting

Bring nature to your own home! Start going Green with planting one small tree at a time. Learn how to make a tabletop garden through tips and basic techniques of container gardening. Also discover and enjoy the inner serenity of decorating and planting.

Our first Playful Tree class completed successfully. All students are proud parents of a cactus garden!

A selection of cactus - tall & short, big & small, bright & colorful were available for students to mix & match into their own pot.

We provide full set of equipment including gloves.

Note from our instructor: Be careful about mixing different size cactuses as they absorb water at different rates.

Sandy explains how much soil to apply.

A little bit about how to care for cactus.

Master piece!

Our next tabletop planting class is Aug 8th.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jewelry Making Sparkling Brunch

Learn to make a pair of earrings over brunch and sparkling wine! Start the Saturday with a nice gift for yourself while hanging out with friends. Then brag about your creation during your date or evening out. Led by Jewelry and Paper Arts instructor Ting Lam.

July 25th Sat 12-3pm
$450 per person. All materials (Swarovski crystals and Sterling silver wiring), food, and drinks included. Please RSVP to this event.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Collage Birthday Party

They never thought collage can be so much fun.
Joyce decided to have her birthday party at RAW. She asked her guests to create series of collages with theme: black, white and red. Instructor Sherri Maxwell explained the concept of collage, gave instructions, and inspired each guest to come up with a motif.

The guests loved tearing from magazines. It's addictive! They got so involved, they didn't want to stop for dinner.

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