Saturday, August 22, 2009

RAW Marketplace - Summer Fair

Random Art Workshop hopes to build a community that will inspire each other to create and share handmade arts and crafts. We are introducing RAW Marketplace where local artisans can get together and sell their creations at our first: Summer Arts & Crafts Fair.


Our first fair was a success. Thanks to all the artists & designers, volunteers and guest who participated.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Natural Aroma Skincare - Moisturizers

How many personal care products did you use just this morning? On average, women uses a dozen of personal care products containing up to 168 chemical ingredients every day; men use about 6 products, containing about 85 chemicals.

We absorb, inhale and ingest many of these chemicals into our body through our largest organs - SKIN! Bit by bit, these mixture of chemicals accumulates and some of them just stays in our system, deposits and cause toxins which overhaules our health.

Things to avoid: Mineral oils, foaming agents, dyes & fragrances and preservatives. Find our why in our workshop!

Start now! Change from synthetic commercial cosmetics to natural cosmetics with essential oils. Essential oils affects the body, mind and psyche, much as they work in plants, they stimulate human metabolism and transmit neurochemical 'message' to organs, glands, and to our whole body. They maintain, heal, and regenerate our body.

Students made the following in our Natural Aroma Skincare - Moisturizer Workshop:

1+2) Herbal Base Day and Night Creams: 100% natural, 84% organic, a pure formula that penetrate the skin quickly, in order to hydrate and protect delicate and sensitive facial skin. The organic ingredients enhance the natural defenses of the skin without causing irritations.

3) Jojoba Body Lotion: 90% organic content. A amazingly light lotion for the summer. It is so light that you can spray onto your body from head to toe.

4) Hand & Nail Protection Cream derived from Milk & Honey: 87% organic. This is a soothing and hydrating choice.

When you make the natural skincare products, you will also experience the creative process of doing it yourself. You can change the recipes, play with the ingredients, and at the same time create something valuable for yourself. A product whose effects are clear and ingredients freasher than any available in store.

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