Sunday, July 12, 2009

Playful Tree - Table Top Planting

Bring nature to your own home! Start going Green with planting one small tree at a time. Learn how to make a tabletop garden through tips and basic techniques of container gardening. Also discover and enjoy the inner serenity of decorating and planting.

Our first Playful Tree class completed successfully. All students are proud parents of a cactus garden!

A selection of cactus - tall & short, big & small, bright & colorful were available for students to mix & match into their own pot.

We provide full set of equipment including gloves.

Note from our instructor: Be careful about mixing different size cactuses as they absorb water at different rates.

Sandy explains how much soil to apply.

A little bit about how to care for cactus.

Master piece!

Our next tabletop planting class is Aug 8th.



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