Thursday, June 11, 2009

Europe Vacation Scrapbook

This couple came well prepared to do a scrapbook: They brought many mementos - postcards, tickets stubs, maps... etc. It's amazing how all of them can be incorporated into the scrapbook.
In this page: Paris theme paper + postcard + photos.

Make collage of photos gives a fresh new perspective on old photos. The glossy horizontal lines in this photos are made with glue. The 'snowflakes' are punch-outs.

The guy who did this scrapbook was very creative. This was done by cutting out the statue and folding it to make it stand 3D.

Keep ALL your vacation photos! Even if the object may not look good in the photo, you can use the backgrounds or cut out bits to accessorize your album.
Example: Telephone poles, restaurant signs, landmark buildings.



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